Thursday, February 24, 2011

Architect Sketch - Bathroom Concept A

Click on the sketch to see a higher-resolution image
of Bathroom Concept A.
The bathrooms in Our Care-free Home are original and hideous. One is Pepto pink, the other is mint green. Both are 50s tile and mirror masterpieces.

We're trying to think of it as a bathroom "evolution"... from our single, tiny condo bathroom to Jack and Jill bathrooms in the new house. From one sink to two, from one mirror to two... even though they're hideous, two is better than one. Right? Riiiight? It's hard to stick with this mindset when you're actually in the bathrooms, unfortunately.

And when looking at the beautiful granite in our current condo bathroom... and the polished sink, stainless faucet, marble tile, pristine toilet... it's impossible to imagine waking up to the Pepto nightmare every morning!

Our plan is to demolish most of the pantry - what would have been used as the utility room in the original home plan - and create a large master bathroom. A small portion of the pantry would stay, and we'd build out shelves accordingly. The other bathroom will be remodeled slightly, becoming a smaller guest bathroom.

Included in this post is one bathroom concept from our resident architect (Rob's dad and my future father-in-law), Doug McChane. It features some changes to the office, assuming the front bedroom is used as such. In this sketch, the rear bedroom is not shown.


  1. I get the feeling from what you wrote that you are not happy with either of the bathrooms being the size that they are. May I suggest that the front bathroom take over the existing closet space at the front foyer and instead of taking out the closets in the front bedroom seal them up or half of them up on the bedroom side, depending on whether it was going to be used as a bedroom and have them open up to the hallway so that they can be utilized for a coat closet and storage. The bedroom closet height is not the same height as the ceiling anyways so utilizing that space in the bedroom may look odd. Now the back bathroom can take full advantage of the space taken from the center pantry and become the master bathroom. The same idea could be flipped using the back bedroom and closet if you desired to have the back bedroom/bathroom be more of the guest area.

  2. Thank you for the recommendation! Great suggestion... please don't hesitate to keep the ideas coming! We hadn't considered using the side closets, but that's a very cool idea.

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