Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Just to Get it to Code

Before we live in the home, in order to get it up to code, there are numerous boring and glam-free tasks that we need to take on... like cleaning the entire home, inside and out, top to bottom.

The list seems so boring - we want to get on to the cosmetic fixes right away! But purchasing the home meant purchasing all the annoying things that come with it...

Other tasks on the "must do" list include:
  • Electrician
    • Outlets
    • Garage Outlets
    • Circuit Breaker Labeling
  • Clean ventilation and ducts
  • Clean up exterior
    • Pare down shrubs
    • Trim tree
    • Clean up debris, tree limbs
  • Garage door opener must be functional
  • Gas line shut off for dryer, new one must be installed
  • Plumber:
    • Laundry tub faucet is dripping, needs to be repaired
    • Basement bath plumbing must be to code
  • Softener overflow line must be suspended over drain cover
  • Smoke alarms not functioning in basement, alarms must be installed outside bedroom entries and inside each bedroom, smoke alarm in central bedroom must be relocated to meet code
  • Carbon monoxide detecter must be installed in bedroom
  • Locks
    • Change front, back and garage storage locks
    • Front door deadbolt
  • Remove exterior covers to egress windows
And the things we'll need to do shortly after moving in...
  • Certified chimney sweep to come and inspect chimney and fireplaces
  • ADT come out and provide quote and information on security system
  • Rescreen aluminum doors
  • Deep clean of kitchen appliances and cabinets
  • Deep clean of bathrooms
  • Deep clean of laundry room
  • Clean entire home... interior and exterior


  1. Hi, this is Steve from the Rochester Alcoa House. I am thrilled to be able to see what lies ahead for your Alcoa House. Feel free to ask me any questions about what/how we have done our renovations.......best of luck

  2. Thank you Steve!! I promise I will be taking you up on that offer. :) We are completely in awe of your home - I can only hope ours looks as stunning in a few years!