Wednesday, February 23, 2011

WTF (What the Finance)

For sparing us from at least a dozen
arguments over the past two weeks,
while also getting us a rocking
rate on our loan, I must applaud
PJ Harris at Prime Mortgage.

This week we have learned that we hate the process of financing a home. Actually, hate is an understatement. Detest with the fire of a thousand suns is more accurate.

Between the two of us, Rob and I have easily spent 20 hours finding, filling out and reading documents. And with such a short amount of time until we close, we need to get our financing and insurance affairs in order almost immediately.

The best advice I can offer someone who is looking to finance a home: Hire a mortgage broker that is not only intelligent and trustworthy, but also friendly.

We're working with PJ Harris, who helped me/Whitney during the purchase of my condo. PJ and her colleague Brandie have been instrumental to our ability to get our affairs in order AND understand the many pages of paperwork that we're filling out. They've answered our questions promptly, at nearly every hour of day/night, even on the weekends. The financing is stressful, but they've helped us to save money, understand our options, and choose a loan that works for us now and in the future.

We're still trapped in finance-land, but fortunately PJ and Brandie at Prime Mortgage are keeping us company (and sane!).

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  1. I am glad you had a good experience with PJ and Prime. Ours was not as great. We found out 2 days before we were to close on a refinance that we could not because of FHA rules, something we easily figured out after searching the internet for 2 minutes (if even) and PJ claimed "she could have never known". She is supposed to be the expert, obviously she is not. She actually had the nerve to say we could walk away and not charge us for anything, charge us for what?...something you did wrong? Comical. I would not recommend her to any friends or family and was dissatisfied with her serivce.