Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Architect Sketch - Kitchen Concept

While Our Care-free Home is lovely, there is a lot of space wasted by walkways. In a decade or so, we're hoping to change up the kitchen to make better use of the spaces in the home and open up the floorplan.

Below a sketch of a kitchen concept from our resident architect, Doug McChane (aka: Rob's father). In this sketch, the kitchen has been turned around to make better use of the space in the "great room" of the home. There's no longer a U-shaped living space (as it is set up currently, surrounding the kitchen) but the kitchen becomes the focal point of the great room. It also opens up the kitchen so that all areas of the room are visible - including our fantastic fireplace and floor-to-ceiling windows.

A kitchen concept that makes better use of the space may be in the cards... about a decade from now.


  1. From Rochester Alcoa Steve. Very interesting concept for the floorplan....coming from an unaltered Alcoa house it is hard for me to think about changing it but that design would create a spectacular and enviable space....although I would suggest swapping the cooktop/sink so a proper vent could be installed instead of a downdraft. I would figure that you would only want to scrub that ceiling once!!!!! Completely unrelated but have you seen this flickr photostream of an art show that was done in your house a few years ago?

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