Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Cleaning Aluminum Fireplace Doors

Our 53 year old fireplace looks brand new thanks to Bar
Keepers Friend liquid cleanser and lots of hard work
We've been curious as to why the former owners would install brass fireplace doors in a home that's covered in aluminum.

As it turns out, the fireplace doors weren't brass at all... they were just so unbelievably dirty after years of neglect, the color had changed.

Underneath all the dust, soot and general nastiness was a pristine condition set of aluminum and glass fireplace doors. They bring the room to life and are a perfect fit for the home. And after some deep scrubbing of the brick surrounding the firepleace (not shown), the room has been completely transformed. We love it!
This photo, from the basement, shows what the fireplace used to look like... nope, that's not bronze you're looking at, just really dirty aluminum!
How did we bring this fantastic midcentury modern fireplace doors back to life? A few simple steps, illustrated by some additional aluminum cleaning that's taking place on the hand rail down to the basement.

Start with some seriously nasty aluminum.
Put a small squirt of Bar Keepers Friend on the rough side of a kitchen sponge.

Scrub scrub scrub! Then, when you think you can't take any more, scrub a bit longer.

Make sure that you are scrubbing "with the grain" as aluminum is soft and you'll see some texture after scrubbing.
Wipe with a wet rag. Then wipe again with a dry rag... Repeat the entire process if necessary and voila! You're left with stunning, clean aluminum that shines like the day it was installed.


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