Friday, March 4, 2011

A Florida Care-free Home in 1957

Photo Credit: The Miami News, Sept. 22, 1957
On Sept. 22, 1957, the Miami News produced an article on the first showing of the Alcoa Care-free Home, held in conjunction with National Home Week. The home was open to the public for six weeks as part of an exhibition of 25 similar homes around the country - including Our Care-free Home!

"Theme of the home is based on new uses of color and materials with minimum maintenance for the homeowner," the article states - as if mocking the years of maintenance that we have ahead of us. "In the photo [to the left], the patio area separates the bedrooms (on the right) from the carport, providing maximum light and cross-ventilation."

And in 50 years, the aluminum windows and doors will be neglected, providing unwanted ventilation in the form of freezing air coming through 1-inch gaps.

Part of an ad for the Alcoa Care-free home from The Miami News (Oct. 20, 1957)
"The home was 1,900 square feet of floor space. All three bedrooms have been located toward the rear, with the master bedroom directly in the center. Each bedroom is accessible to both bathrooms without any of the occupants having to march through a bedroom.

"There's a family room with its own individual entrance, providing for an excellent traffic pattern. An added touch is a clean-up area for youngsters with wet or dirty clothes."

So much thought went into the design and manufacturing of this home, it's really a shame that the St. Louis Park model has fallen into such a state. It will be exciting to get it back into shape!

You can check out the full article - and other news of interest to Miami residents in September 1957 - through this Google news link.

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  1. From Rochester Alcoa Steve.......
    Don't feel so bad...we went by the Miami Alcoa last year and from the looks of it yours is in much better shape!!!!