Sunday, April 24, 2011

Furnishing Our "First Room"

The house has been in a constant state of transition for over a month now, so we've been looking forward to the moment when we can finally enter a room and enjoy it... instead of thinking about all of the projects that need to be completed.

The first room that is nearly finished - and beautifully furnished - is the living room. We recently had the floors lightly sanded and buffed, so they're now clean and sparkly... almost as good as new! The following day, our furniture from the Room & Board Outlet arrived.

Among our purchases, which we snagged for a deal thanks to some light wear, are a Noguchi for Herman Miller coffee table and a midcentury inspired sofa and loveseat set. We paired this with a recently purchased Warhol which we secured through an Groupon and had framed during a 60% off custom framing day at Michael's. Finally, we secured curtains and a wire-based curtain rod from Ikea, which is shown in the picture above. We're still waiting on a shag carpet that we purchased off of Haute Look.

The end result, I must say, is fabulous!

As a reminder of what the room looked like when we purchased the home, check out the image below:


  1. Job well done. Looks very nice. You're really getting a lot of stuff done fast there. Keep up the good work.

  2. LOVE the Room & Board!!!! Looks great!