Friday, April 1, 2011

New Kitchen Faucet and Old Appliance Cleaning

As is the case with most projects, simply installing a new
faucet and side sprayer became a hassle. We uncovered
a pinhole in the plumbing - here, dad is repairing the leak.
 The old kitchen sink was simple and (though not from 1958) dated. It didn't work well, and the side sprayer was clogged from the hard St. Louis Park water.

Whiler we're not ready to embark upon a full kitchen remodel, we did a few things to give the space a fresh new feel:
  1. Deep scrub of the refridgerator, microwave, oven, sink, dishwasher, countertop and cabinets. (This should probably count as seven items... after all, it took about ten man hours!)
  2. Replace the faucet and side sprayer with a new chrome finish set.
These time-consuming tasks were simple and inexpensive, but had a great impact on the kitchen! It is clean enough to use (as you can see, we've stocked it with beer, water and takeout for our family helpers) and will work for a few years until we've saved up for a full kitchen remodel.

The old faucet and side sprayer. Not terribly attractive or functional.

Our new faucet and side sprayer from Home Depot. Tip - don't go for the cheapest option!

Our new faucet and side sprayer make the sink look much more modern - bonus, they actually work!

Our newly cleaned refridgerator is stocked with essentials for our helpers.

You'd never know how disgusting this microwave used to be! Thanks to some hard cleaning, it's good as new.


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