Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Preparing for New Floors

Top - the "old" floor in the hallway.
Bottom - the original tile from 1958.
In preparation for our new Marmoleum and Marmoleum Click flooring, we've been working on demolition of the old floors in the front and back hallways, and the kitchen.

When we purchased the house, it was clear that any original tile in these areas had long since been covered with ugly brownish-khaki-grey linoleum. Ick.

We think removing the old floors and having new ones installed will add significant equity, as the floors simply don't make sense with the home. Not to mention they're just plain ugly.

We were somewhat surprised to find that there were multiple layers of flooring to tear through. In the front and back hallway, removing the top layer of linoleum and the wood layer beneath uncovered the original grey speckled tile from 1958 (shown in the picture to the left). It's a very cool pattern, but it's been stapled to death by the linoleum installers and appears to have been pretty badly damaged before it was covered.

In the kitchen, we uncovered three layers of flooring - the tacky linoleum, another layer of tacky linoleum, and the original tiles which match the front and back hallways. Rob and the Dads have been HARD at work, removing layers by hand and saw and crowbar into the wee small hours of the morning.

The second and third layer of flooring in the kitchen.
We think it will all be worth it in the end... Which is easy to say when you're the one blogging and not the one doing the demolition. :) Below are some of the Marmoleum flooring options that we've been considering. Stay tuned for the reveal!

Marmoleum Click options we're considering for the hallways. We'll install this ourselves, with some help from Marmoleum.
Marmoleum Sheet options we're considering for the kitchen floor. We'll likely need to hire someone to install this.
Here are some more pictures from the demolition phase for your viewing pleasure.

The original tile from 1958.
Rob tearing up the first layer of flooring in the kitchen.
You're getting there!!
The ugly tile from the hallways.

Dad, sawing into a particularly tough part of the second layer of flooring in the kitchen. Guess what else we found here - black mold!  Boo!
The front hallway, after demolition was completed.

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  1. Suggestion: cork flooring for the kitchen