Thursday, February 7, 2013

1950s Inspired Upholstery Fabric from Camira

As we're getting ready to build out our mid-centory modern basement, we're keeping an eye out for decor, textiles and accessories that could be a good fit for the space. (And we're also ramping back up the posts - so you can look forward to more frequent updates!)

Designer Pages recently showcased a new line of 1950s-inspired wool boucle fabric from British textile innovator Camira. The line, Monroe, is a "simple yet stylish dobby weave upholstery fabric." The line comes in 18 retro-inspired tones (image below courtesy of Designer Pages).

You can check out Camira's video on the Monroe collection below. This stop-motion video was created by Dan Ojari, a graduate of London's prestigious Royal College of Art.

For more information, visit or


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