Thursday, March 28, 2013

Planning our Mid-Century Modern Basement Remodel

Since the day we bought our Care-Free Home, we knew the large basement was a potential equity-boosting opportunity to add tons more finished square footage.  Unfortunately, since there was so much work to be done on the main floor of Our Care-Free Home, we had to prioritize our budget and effort and the basement dropped pretty far down the to-do list.  Now that we've made some progress on the rest of the house, we've begun planning for our mid-century modern basement remodel!
Floorplan for Our Care-Free Home's Basement
While there are a few walls and some faux wood paneling in the basement now, our vision for a mid-century modern basement redesign called for a fresh start.  But before we could get started, we needed a plan for what the finished spaces would look like.  Fortunately, our family architect and resident building expert (my Dad) was able to help us come up with a plan for more efficient use of the space.
Because of the large size of the basement, we're going to be able to roughly double the home's finished square footage by adding the following spaces:
  • Family Room (22'x24')
  • Bedroom 1 (14'x14')
  • Bedroom 2 (12'x16')
  • Laundry (14'x16')
  • Storage (16'x32')
Fortunately the former owners already renovated the basement bathroom, so we'll be leaving that as-is for this project.  We may make a few updates to it down the road, but it's currently the nicest bathroom in the house so its renovation is still further down the project list.  They also added egress windows in the locations of the two bedrooms, so the rest of the project will focus on building out these spaces and finishing them in a style that compliments the mid-century modern aesthetic of the rest of the house.

Thanks for reading Our Care-Free Home blog and stay tuned for the next post in our mid-century modern basement remodeling series, demolition...coming soon!


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