Friday, April 5, 2013

Modern wallpaper selections for the Kitchen, Living Room and Bedroom

Recently we've been focused on furniture and decor selections for the spaces of Our Care-Free Home that we have finished renovating.  As part of the project, we decided to update some of the walls in the Kitchen, Living Room and a Bedroom with some mid-century modern inspired wallpaper.

After a trip to International Market Square with our interior designer Cy Winship, we came home with about a hundred cool, funky wall paper samples.  After looking them all over, taping them up on the walls and getting feedback from family and friends, we finally made some selections.  Here are the ones that made the cut!
Weitzner "Newsworthy" (for Living Room)
Sanderson "Dandelion Clocks" (for Bedroom)

Innovations Basics+ - "Linen" (for Kitchen)
Orla Kiely - "Multi Stem" (for Hallways)
When we purchased the home, most of the walls were still covered in the original grass cloth wallpaper, which had seen a lot of wear over the years and was showing its age.  While it was definitely era-appropriate, there was so much of it throughout the house that it felt like we were living in a tiki bar.  It had to go!
Original grass cloth and wood paneling on the Kitchen exterior
Original grass cloth in the Master Bedroom
We're anxiously awaiting the finished results!  We'll be posting some before and after photos of the Living Room, Kitchen, Hallways and Bedrooms with their new modern wallpaper soon!


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  4. Do you guys still do a blog on MidCentury Homes?


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