Aluminum Fashions from 1957

“My dress? It’s Alcoa, dahling.” Photo Credit: Sunday Herald Magazine

A multi-page spread in the Sunday Herald Magazine from Oct. 20, 1957 provides some great information on Our Care-free Home… as well as the Care-free lifestyle! It’s late 50’s advertising and PR at its absolute best.

Among the cross-promotions masterminded by Alcoa: A luxurious ballgown, elegant handbag, sensational beachwear and bed sheets. In Alcoa’s 1957 dream world, as the headline so clearly points out, “Aluminum Invades Your Life In Everything You Use.”

The articles are so fantastic, I have to spread them out over a series of a few posts.

The first: Care Free Fashions for the Lady of the Home.

“The fashion world of tomorrow came a step closer today when Jean Desses, of Paris designed a luxurious ball gown of aluminum cloth,” the article states. “The Desses creation was made from 28 yards of peach and gold aluminum cloth. Soft as chiffon, this unusual metallic fabric can be drawn through a wedding ring.”

I suppose you have to see (and feel) it to believe it? The full article is below.