4 Amazing Captain’s Bed Designs We Love (Twin & Full Size)

Finding room for placing small items can be quite difficult in an area that doesn’t have much room in the first place. As such, a captain’s bed that is capable of doubling up as storage for those items can help you utilize your limited square footage more efficiently.

While most of these types of urban beds can help free up a closet or eliminate the need for a cabinet or wardrobe, others have been built explicitly for storage purposes.

You can find multiple twin designs with the capability of storing many pairs of shoes while others make room for a home library. Below are four amazing bed designs that you can use for inspiration to make your bedroom very functional and appealing.

Black Emily’s bookcase set

Source: furnituredealer.net

Nowadays, finding a decent Queen’s/King’s bed set, especially with additional storage, can be quite difficult. However, the Black Emily’s bookcase headboard is one excellent option.

Even if for some reason you can’t get it, you can always design your bed that is similar to it. The bed itself has a unique balance of functional traits and sophisticated, elegant design.¬† It presents itself in a wood black finished bed that features a headboard with two-centered stack drawers and a double shelf on each side.

It has a multi-dimensional flow that moves through its design with lower storage drawers that frame the lower portion of the bed frame. This bed comes with four drawers on the footboard, one drawer on each side rail, and a bookcase headboard.

It is available in Queen and King options.

The king-sized option from Zebwood

This is a full-size captain’s bed from Zepwood has been loaded with two cubbies and eight large drawers in a whole array of different wooden finishes. The bed itself has been crafted by hand from redeemed wood which was sourced from a house that was over 100 years old.

The bed’s frame is made in Colorado, and it can be shipped anywhere within the U.S. I love furniture that is made from reclaimed wood. It always feels like you are doing your part for the environment, even if it is tiny.

For a couple living in an apartment or looking for additional storage less the other usage of space, this is a great option.

The Underbed Dresser Captain’s Bed

Source: ultimatebed.com

This is a 16 drawer bedroom Super Duper Storage bed by Anderson Manufacturing as featured here take storage and functionality to a whole new level.

While it is probably not the best looking bed on the list, it is capable of storing different types of items including two pairs of children skis. However, if you feel that you don’t require that much storage, you can always opt for either the 12 or the six drawer version.

Each these versions include a 30-day money back guarantee, and the bed’s frame is made in Wisconsin and can be shipped anywhere within the U.S.

Chinese Wedding Bed

A lot of people always tend to wonder how antique Chinese furniture will look in their homes. Chinese furniture is mostly built for functionality and small space while being whimsical, decorative, dignified, or structural.

This Chinese wedding bed features one of the most attractive twin captain’s bed with storage designs. The wood painting and carvings are elegantly done and the bed was beautifully restored as shown in the image.

In fact, the bed is even currently in use. The close-ups of the paintings show several ancient Chinese culture and art.