5 Of The Best Beds for Small Rooms & Spaces In 2018

When bedroom space is limited, you often need to get creative with the furniture you use. After all, who doesn’t like to add new things to up the décor in their room!

While, small pieces of furniture like side tables, chairs, stools can still be accommodated into a room which is otherwise full, beds are a different ball game altogether.

They are big, bulky and require way too much space which comes at a premium especially when you don’t want to throw away your existing stuff.

But it is always possible to think outside the box and go for some cool bed options that not only optimize the usage of all the available square feet in your small room but also amp up its “chic” quotient!

Here are some of our best beds for small spaces:

Loft Beds

With loft beds, you can sleep high up in the clouds! You can basically, transform the space in your room by setting up these beds creatively over any sturdy frame – which could be your walk-in closet, a bookshelf or even a seating space in your home office.

You could even have them hanging from the ceiling if you are adventurous enough! Though you would need to be sure that your ceiling can withstand such a weight (bed plus you!).

These beds could help you free up your living space, while not requiring the room to have a lot of height.

Bunk Beds

They are amongst the most widely used types of beds to allow for making wise use of space in a small room. They work very well in cases where a number of kids (or even adults for that matter) need to share the same room. At least 2 bunk beds can be comfortably accommodated in a small room, and space would still be available to set up study tables and closets.

Couch Cum Beds

This is a good option to make space for a guest in your home, without having to fret over having a separate guest room, when you have a tiny studio or one-bedroom apartment. While this furniture would work as a comfortable couch otherwise, it can be opened up to work as a queen-size bed, if required.

In fact, some of them can be opened up as bunker beds also. So, you can opt for this variety if you are short on space in your living room.

Murphy Beds

The Murphy or the “wall” beds, are a good option when you may want to use your bed for multiple purposes. It could easily double up as a writing desk-with-shelf in the day and then transform into a comfortable bed at night. Some of them come with inbuilt storage as well.

Beds with Storage

These beds are stylish and sturdy at the same time. They also provide you with substantial extra space to store anything that you may want – your clothes, books, any extra items that you would not want to use for a long time and so want to stow away – basically anything! The storage within the beds is often chambered, so can even categorize your belongings according to the frequency of its use.

Find storage and captain’s beds here.