10 Best Twin Captain’s Beds (Including King & Queen) sizes for 2018

picture of twin captain’s bed with 6 drawers
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When bedroom space is limited, and you need extra storage or sleeping places, a twin captain’s bed can solve all your problems. Initially designed for a ship captain’s cabin, this bedroom furniture design allows for storage of clothes and almost any other valuable underneath it in hidden drawers.

These days, modernized versions exist which is great for children sharing rooms or guests. Different options for traditional king and queen sizes also exist.

Whether you live in small house, have a lack of storage space or just like the design we’ll show you 10 of the best options for 2018 below.

Best twin captain’s bed drawers selection

Very important: Most of the products on the list don’t come with a mattress. Most of the time you’ll need to purchase that separately.

Discovery World Furniture Honey/Merlot design

We start our list with a very traditional design from Discovery World Furniture that comes in a merlot (as seen in the picture) and honey (slightly lighter) wood design.

It’s made from pine wood, and this specific version includes six drawers of storage space, a built-in headboard and cubby door at the end of the bed.

The added feature of the headboard almost eliminates the need for a nightstand since it can comfortably house books, a mobile phone, a clock, etc.

The same design is also available in a unit with three drawers and a trundle bed (one that slides out) as well as another option with 12 drawers for maximum storage separation. See also the full-size design if you require a larger sleeping area.

Broyhill Kids Espresso

If you want a stylish, sleek and modern twin captain’s bed with storage that offers an additional sleeping space (perfect for sleepovers), the Broyhill Kids Marco Island furniture piece is fantastic!

Besides being available in Espresso (color shown in the image), white and black, it offers the trundle pull out bed and three storage drawers – all made with hardwood and composites.

Keep in mind that it’s designed mostly for children. However, it has a weight limit of 200 lbs.

Donco Kids Loft Style Dark Cappuccino

Although not the traditional captain’s bed twin you would have expected, we wanted to add this loft style option from Donco Kids to show you all the possibilities out there.

This design houses a world of possibilities with three drawers, a bookcase at the end, a small ladder to climb up on and a pullout desk. It takes functional storage to a whole new level.

However, not all parents like having their kids sleep high up in the air. Keep in mind that there are barriers to the bed for your child’s safety. It’s made with pine wood and is only available in Dark Cappuccino.

See more loft bed designs from Bronco Kids here.

Prepac Tall Platform Bed

This raised option from Prepac is for those that need lots of storage, but don’t prefer a bed with a headboard attached to it.

Besides six drawers that slide out easily (metal rollers), it’s made of laminated composite woods and is available in black (image shown to your right), espresso and cherry.

As far as pricing goes, it’s a slightly cheaper alternative than previously mentioned options.

Merax Twin

Merax offers a stylish captain’s bed with storage with a small headboard on both sides including a trundle for extra sleeping space.

The bed is made from pine wood and contains slats which mean no box springs are needed. Also included in the design is three working drawers for storage.

Apart from the white design (this will look great a room with neutral colors or for a little girl), it comes in standard espresso.

South Shore Prairie Collection

For those with a lower budget, this unit from the South Shore Prairie collection will be all that you need.

It’s a simple design without any of the usual extras like a headboard. It’s made with pine and holds three drawers – each with a beautiful metal handle.

If you like the rustic/antique design this product offers, then you can match and fill your bedroom with many other products from the same collection like nightstands, dressers and even an add-on headboard.

As an added benefit, South Shore furniture products come with a 5-year limited warranty.

South Shore Breeze Collection

Similar to the Prairie collection, the South Shore Breeze collection offers well-designed twin size captain’s beds for those on a budget.

The bed consists of three drawers, each with two knobs and is made with materials keeping environment-friendly best practices in mind. As with other South Shore furniture, it comes with a 5-year limited warranty.

It’s available in blueberry (color in the image), chocolate, royal cherry, and white.

Bed Kingz Honey Trundle

Bed Kingz offers this beautifully designed trundle platform bed combination with an almost golden honey color.

As with most trundle variations, three drawers are included, and it’s made of solid Brazilian pine wood.

You can also get it in it a matt grey design here.

Coaster Home Furnishings King Size

Coaster home offers an elegant bedroom furniture collection called the Hillary which includes this king full-size captain’s bed.

It comes with a headboard and ample drawer storage underneath – great for a master’s bedroom where you need to save some space.

The brown finish gives it a feeling of elegance and timeless style. Other frame sizes available include king, queen and California king.

Prepac Sonoma

For those looking for a king-sized sleeping arrangement, the Prepac Sonoma is a stylish option.

Besides being available in many different designs and colors the Sonoma is made from laminated composite woods and can hold a weight of 500 lbs.

The piece includes a headboard, but it’s worth mentioning that it’s not attached the rest of the frame (free standing).

More information

Source: https://www.flickr.com/photos/wonderlane/4847897739/in/photostream/

If you feel you need a bit more information about captain’s beds before you go and look at the different options available to buy, we’re hoping that this section will help.

Other names to go by

The reality is that skilled carpenters and furniture designers can often create beds with tons of features and this is when it gets hard to specify what type it is. Beds with storage underneath, besides having the captain title, are also often referred to as platform storage beds, cabin or chest beds.

Sizes available

If you haven’t done much bed shopping in your life, it’s easy to think that a captain’s bed only comes in single or twin sizes. Since the design contains a raised frame with storage space underneath, boards and a mattress on top, it’s relatively simple to design bigger sizes as well. It’s safe to say you’ll find this bed design in most shapes including the ever popular king and size.


As mentioned before, this bed design is great for bedrooms that are small and where additional space is needed. Sometimes a room only has space for a bed and a cupboard and when more storage space is needed, storing items underneath the bed is a sound solution.

Source: https://www.flickr.com/photos/ttustudents/33199584811

For a kid’s room, this bed can be a great option, especially when a spacial problem with tons of toys laying around comes into play. If you have two kids sharing a room, placing a twin captain’s bed on either end could be a great way of saving space.

For parents that don’t like children climbing up and down like with bunk beds, this is a safer option. The bed does not have to be for children only, although it does have a naive notion to it.

Alternatively, if you can’t picture yourself sleeping on such a bed, you can use it for a guest room – especially if you want extra storage to go with it.


Keep in mind that since a bed is a significant and clunky product you might often need to pay extra for shipping. Different pieces of the bed might even be shipped separately which is also a widespread practice.

However, many shops offer free shipping deals when you buy a product over a certain amount of dollar value.

It’s worth keeping an eye out for shipping costs so that you don’t get any surprises when checking out. This includes Amazon and any other online retailer like Ikea and Wallmart. Some beds might also require you to assemble itself.

How to choose the best bed for your bedroom?

person thinking about somethingEveryone will have their reasons for wanting to get a storage platform bed. Maybe it’s because of storage issues because your kid needs a new bed and his room is tiny, or your apartment is cramped and more storage couldn’t hurt.

Whatever the reason you need to keep the following in mind. Like with every big or long-term purchase you make it’s best to know what you need before purchasing and setting a budget.

Size of storage and amount: Do you need five drawers underneath the bed to keep different items separate and organized or would two work just as well?

Sleeping space: Are you the only one that will be sleeping on it, if so, a twin size is perfect, or else you’ll need to look into a king or queen size.

Lifetime value: Do you want something that will hold it’s value for the next ten years? If so, consider increasing your budget to buy a quality product. Make sure the bed is built from sturdy wood and not cheap alternatives.

If you only want a bed that will last for the next few years or has a lower budget, then you’ll probably have to settle for something with less quality and not built with the best materials. That’s okay too, just as long as your expectations are in the right place.

Design: Then there’s design. Maybe you have some specific bedroom design in mind that includes a twin captain’s bed with trundle and the space saving capabilities it offers is only an extra.

After going through all these questions, you should understand better what you’re looking for and what you are willing to pay when it comes to choosing your bedroom furniture.

DIY tips

If you might want to try a different route, check out the DIY video on how to use IKEA furniture pieces to build one yourself. You can also take a look at my DIY guide on how to assemble and take apart your bed.