Checking Out Rock Choices

Yep, we have four tons of wet landscape rock sitting next to the house. We’re those people.

Hedberg Landscape & Masonry Supplies totally rocks. Pun intended. 

We stopped by their Plymouth location to check out landscape rock for the front of the house. We’re going to pull up the cheap plastic edging, move the garden border closer to the house, create a rain garden, and cover the edge of the house in rock.

Add this to the painting and staining of the exterior, and it’s getting easier to imagine our little eyesore becoming a thing of beauty once again!

We considered a number of options before settling on 3/4″ Saint Cloud Granite. It’s light grey with some purple tones, so it should match the exterior nicely while creating a zen feel for the yard.

We’ll post more pictures as soon as the exterior is ready for the “big reveal” – in less than a month!

The Saint Cloud Granite close up. When it’s dry, it’s all quite light in color (similar to the light gray pieces shown). Other options we considered are below.