Found – Gift House Stamps and Four Pennies

Our treasure trove from the kitchen demo.

While demolishing parts of our nasty kitchen in preparation for our awesome new floors, countertop and cabinets, Rob stumbled upon a treasure trove… Twenty Gift House Stamps and four pennies.

They’re adorable and oh so retro – but what the heck are those stamps with a “cash value of 1 mill?”

In the 1960s, Gift House Stamps was among the leaders of the multi-million dollar stamp industry in the US. As people purchased items from retailers, they often earned one stamp per evert 10 cents of the sale price. Consumers would paste the stamps in to booklets, and trade the full booklets in at redemption centers for household items or appliances.
Who knew – the previous owners were stamp collectors!

The stamps were such a cool find, I had to do a little more research. After a little Googling, I uncovered the photo below photo from the Minnesota Historical Society website. Dated January 27, 1959, it shows a Gift House Stamp Redemption center in Saint Louis Park – not far from where our house is. Very cool!

Photo credit: Minnesota Historical Society