Found Vintage: Mid-Century Club Chairs

Now that most of our large projects on the main floor have been completed, we’ve started looking for more vintage and mid-century modern furniture pieces to help create a period-correct look in our Care-Free Home.  Whitney’s mom Judy is a pro at finding inexpensive vintage furniture and decor for the house, and recently came across these original club chairs.

Mid-Century club chairs

While they need a little work, they have a nice shape with a dropped arm, button-tufted back cushions and tapered legs that are straight out of the late 50’s and early 60’s.  Unfortunately, a previous owner shortened the front legs and added some wheels to them.  We’ll be swapping these out for tapered legs that match the originals that are still on the backs of the chairs.

The Floral fabric must go!

The fabric also has to go!  The floral pattern is definitely not the look that we’re going for, so we’ll be recovering the chairs in a nice red/orange textured wool that is similar to a lot of the period-correct Knoll fabrics that were used in the late 50’s.

Pollack fabric swatch for our club chairs

Hopefully, the chairs will add some color to our living room like the orange sofa pictured in the original Alcoa sales brochure (for more photos of the original sales brochure, see our Alcoa Care-Free Home Brochure post).

Living room photo from 1958 Alcoa Care-Free Home Brochure

As soon as the chairs are recovered, we’ll post some before and after shots so you can see the finished result.  We also have several more design projects we’re working on that we’ll be posting shortly!