Found Vintage: Mid-Century Modern Lounge Chair

One of the first pieces of true mid-century modern furniture in Our Care-Free home was this very cool lounge chair that was given to us by a family friend.  At some point the chair was recovered in the current green fabric and we haven’t been able to find any original manufacturer’s markings.  However, from the shape of the bent plywood legs we’re guessing it was made by Thonet.  Now its getting a makeover along with the rest of our living room!

Does anyone know the manufacturer of this chair?

Like some of the other furniture we’ve acquired since moving in to our carefree home, this chair was cheap (free) but needs some work before it will look perfect in our re-designed space. Its green upholstery needs an update to better compliment all of the other design changes we are making in the living room.

Current upholstery in a palm-frond pattern has to go!

On our trip to International Market Square with our interior designer Cy Winship, we took at look at several fabric options for this chair.  We narrowed the list down to two that we really liked and felt would compliment the other changes we are making in the space.  Unfortunately, we can’t agree on which to choose…help break the tie and let us know what you think!

Knoll Textiles “Atelier” in Fireworks and Kirkby “Pin” in Flame…Which to choose?

While the shape and style of this chair definitely compliments the style of Our Care-Free Home, the new fabric will add the perfect finishing touch.  Check back soon to see which fabric we chose and some photos of the finished product!