Found Vintage: Rehupolstered Mid-Century Modern Lounge Chair

One of our greatest furniture finds for the living room is a modern lounge chair with bent plywood legs. When the chair came to us, it was in very good shape but it had been reupholstered in a green Victorian-style fabric that didn’t fit with its modern lines or with the rest of our living room.

This 50’s lounge chair came to us for free, recently reupholstered in green.

A thorough review of the chair didn’t reveal any manufacturer information. After some online research, we found a very similar version being sold by Designs to Live By and were surprised to find it was a Thonet design from the late 50’s!

Designs to Live By in Plainview, New York was selling the only other example of this chair we could find, upholstered in light blue vinyl!

With other vintage furniture, we’ve had restored, we’ve been very careful to stick to fabrics and color palettes that would have been available when the item was originally produced. But, because the green fabric was not original, we opted for something less traditional…a blaze orange and gray check pattern in wool.

We eventually landed on kirbydesign’s “Pin” in the flame colorway

The end result is fantastic! The chair is definitely a statement piece of our living room. It’s home next to the patio and Brasilia hutch makes a great place for a morning read with all the natural light in this corner.

The newly reupholstered chair makes a great spot to read next to the patio doors.

We found this chair years ago and are happy to give it a new lease on life. You can read the original post at Found Vintage: Mid-Century Modern Lounge Chair post.