How To Put Together & Take Apart A Captain’s Bed

Although available in many shapes and sizes, a captain’s beds normally come in twin size beds drawers in lieu of the normal empty space below the bed. Few models come with inbuilt cabinets and bookshelf space in addition to the headboard.

Though a plethora of styles and versions are present, most of the beds are placed in the areas with less space. The basic concept of such beds is making the best use of the space and bestowing comfort at the same time.

Today we’re going to give you a short a simple guide on how to put together a captain’s bed and for those that are moving and need dissemble tips – how to take apart a captain’s bed.

Assembling A Captain’s Bed

Step 1: Make the headboard

If your headboard comes with shelving or cabinet space putting it together first will be a good place to start. You can screw most of the headboards together in several pieces.

The pieces should be placed on the ground flat for connecting them together back. The shelves should be secured in place along with brackets and metal dowels.

Step 2: Separate the captain’s bed pieces for easy assembly

In case the kit comprises of drawers, they should be assembled in accordance with the directions of the manufacturer. Most of the drawers happen to prefabricate and require screwing into the place.

Step 3: Assembling the captain’s bed frame

The third step involves the assembling of the frame. You should be setting the headboard against the wall after which the footboard should be placed across the headboard.

The screwdriver must be used for screwing the metal bracket on every side of the footboard and headboard for support. The long rails should be placed in the perpendicular resting position amidst the headboard and footboard, placed on the brackets.

Step 4

The drawers should be placed beneath the frame present in prefabricated holes. You need to ensure to remove each of the rails so that it is possible to fit the drawers in a proper manner.

The bed slates should be put amidst the long rails in a perpendicular option. You need to place the slates at equal distances apart to ensure that the mattress is in a stable position.

Step 5: Box springs

The box spring should be laid above drawer space or bed frame. Place the mattress above the box spring, and the sheets should be fixed for the completion of the assembling.

Disassembling Of The Captain’s Bed

Disassembling the captain’s bed involve taking the pillows off and taking apart the footboard and the headboard. Here the steps to take apart the bed:

Remove The Box Spring From The Bed Frame

You should move the bed in five distinct pieces which include the mattress, the box spring, footboard, headboard and the frame. You should ensure to take the prerequisite steps for rendering protection to the mattress as it is the most expensive part.

Unscrew Headboard And Footboard From The Primary Frame Of The Bed

Make sure to unscrew every bolt or screw which is holding both the footboard and headboard to the frame. You should be keeping track of the placement of every screw so that you can assemble it at ease later on. You can make use of a permanent marker for marking the screws.

Keep The Small Pieces And Screws Carefully

You should ensure to place the screws in a careful manner so that you can reassemble the bed at ease. You will not be able to put the bed together if you lost any of the screws or small pieces.