6 Mid Century Modern Beds and Room Ideas

The iconic Mid Century Modern decorating style started being used mostly in the 1950’s and 60’s. The style itself often features a very warm and most of the time a fall-inspired color scheme that includes sweet and pastel tones.

It can also come with accent furniture that has beautiful design and walls that have been paneled with natural woods. This type of design is easy to fall in love with as it has a simple and warm nature with fruity colors and/or inspiring artwork with a modern touch that bursts with timeless class and sophistication.

If you want to spruce up your home, or just a specific room into a Mid Century Modern wonderland, below are 7 fascinating beds and bedroom ideas to inspire you!

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Artistic Mid Century Modern Bedroom

mid century modern master bedroom
Source: http://www.styleathome.com/homes/interiors/interior-rustic-mid-century-modern-home/a/43827/12

This bedroom, as talked about on Rilane.com originating from Styleathome.com, consists of bed and pillow covers that have straight geometric and sharp lines. These eye-catching designs introduce a somewhat dynamic pattern and texture in a warm bedroom that has a white wall which is filled with modern and peculiar graphic art.

The high contrast of the wall and wood creates an interesting balance that gives the bedroom a warm and refreshing look. Topped with an animal skin rug and hyper model nightstand – this is simple layout and design almost anyone can emulate.

Bright colored bedroom

Source: http://essentialhome.eu/blog/mid-century-bedroom-ideas-summer/

This bedroom featured on essentialhome.eu and Guata Crazy Night makes the best of its large windows by not overdoing the furniture. They’ve simply added a statement piece furniture (the amazing wooden/metal frame black chair) so as to give it a more minimalist and enjoyable style.

The chair placed in the room is an Eames Lounge leather chair. The bedroom itself looks completely warm and comfortable mostly due to the usage of the wide glass doors and light oak hardwood that brings a lot of natural sunlight in the room’s interior.

It goes to show that with a few unique furniture pieces a room can be completely transformed.

Using colorful pieces to brighten up the room

Source: http://icoupie.com

This is a very inspiring, yet simple, bedroom that consists of a colorful geometric area rug that acts as a striking complement to the modern and innovative table lamps with turquoise blue pendants.

It seems to have been originally featured on icoupie.com. Above the Mid Century bed is a gallery wall that acts as a focal point and goes on to give the bedroom a clear statement of beauty and modernization.

Bright colors with geometric patterns can make all the difference.

Mixing modern and retroelements

Source: https://www.digsdigs.com/28-simple-and-elegant-mid-century-modern-beds/

This bedroom design makes use of the various perks of the industrial style through a black copper decorative artwork and a noisy concrete wall so as to achieve a bold and dramatic look.

The beautifully designed natural oak wood bed is the main eye catcher in this attractive and stylish Mid Century bedroom. Strange and non-traditional shapes have also been used in this furniture design featured on digsdigs.com.

Brentwood Residence

Source: http://www.jamiebush.com/brentwood-modern/

This retro themed bedroom is absolutely gorgeous and easy to fall in love with. It comes with a caramel wood panel that creates a warm and sleek appearance of the interior. Additionally, the pastel pink accent armchairs and the creamy shag carpet add a sweet and soft feel to the interior.

This amazing design was featured on jamiebush.com where you can see the rest of the home decorating done by this talented designer.

Another retro mix

Source: http://housenationidea.com/mid-century-modern-bedroom-ideas/mid-century-modern-bedroom-ideas-7/

This bedroom from House Nation Idea is a blast from the past! It consists of a retro design that makes it absolutely gorgeous. The wide variety of natural wood materials, innovative patterns, warm colors, and texture go a long way into creating a somewhat lively and opulent ambiance in this beautiful Mid Century Modern bedroom.

Interesting patterns on the headboard, matt, artwork and even bed cover adds to a one of a kind design. Not everyone can pull this one off.

Take a look at one of my favorite bed designs here: http://www.ourcarefreehome.com/best-twin-captains-beds-list/

In conclusion

There you have it! Ample Mid Century Modern bedroom design ideas you can run with. Some require some skill and a lot of money to apply, but others are much simpler than you think.