More Photos of the House

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The view of the house from Westwood Hills Drive. We have a half-acre of a beautiful yard to enjoy!
The view of the carport from Texas Ave. The brick work is something we’d like to recreate toward the front of the home.
The interior of the home, as you walk in the front door. The view is stunning! We’re big fans of the hard wood floors, and hope to have them refinished some day. In the meantime, with a deep clean and some floor polish, they’re lovely.
The home continues… on the right is the “free standing” kitchen (I’m sure there’s a proper name for this). In front of us is where we’ll put a midsize dining room table. To the left in the back is a fireplace, surrounded by brick that we’re planning to clean but leave as-is otherwise.
The kitchen is clearly not original to the home. It will work for now (we’re not huge fans of the cabinets, countertops, appliances OR floors) but some day we’ll renovate it to feel more modern.

The fireplace (and a space to hold wood) are in front of us. To the left are free-standing, built in cabinets that are original to the home. They need some love and care, but we hope to keep them. To the right are the stairs to the HUGE basement.
One of the two nearly identical bathrooms on the first floor. They’re so dated that it’s adorable. We need to modernize these bathrooms, but we’re not quite sure what we’ll do here…
This is the master bedroom. It’s 50s-tastic, with sliding glass doors that open out to the breezeway. The carpet isn’t terrible, but it’s not great either. The walls are wallpapered aluminum, we’ll ultimately want to take that down and paint or have them re-wallpapered.
This is the front bedroom, however we’re turning it into an office. We’re not sure if the painting on the wall is original to the house – it’s got some dings and scratches, but with a cleaning and some touch-up paint it will be as good as new. This room also has sliding glass doors that open out to the breezeway.
This is the rear bedroom, which will become the guest bedroom. As with the others, this bedroom has sliding glass doors that open out to the breezeway. The painted wall in here is quite interesting – we’re not sure if it’s original or what we’lll do with it just yet.