Our Care-Free Home’s Facelift

Our new home exterior… Looking refreshed and era-appropriate!

After much ado, the updates to the yard and front exterior are complete! And after a great trip to Jamaica, our SLR camera was stolen!

What do these two things have in common? Pictures… We had hoped to provide you with stellar in-progress and exterior reveal photos, but instead we must provide you with some in-progress photos we (fortunately) downloaded to the computer a few weeks ago and some exterior reveal photos taken with Whitney’s iPhone.

Despite the less-than-desireable picture quality, we’re excited to show off Our Care-free Home’s fabulous facelift! Here’s a quick overview of what we did… needless to say this is NOT an all-inclusive list.

  • Removed dead and dying trees from the front of the house, providing more room to see the amazing home!
  • Planted mogu pine bushes along the front of the home. We saved money by purchasing younger bushes from Home Depot instead of the larger and more mature bushes from Bachmans.
  • Dethatched, aerated, seeded and sprayed the lawn – bringing it back to life despite the creeping charlie that had taken over the yard.
  • Placed new edging and landscape fabric in front of the house, surrounding the 4-foot perimiter of the front of the house with 2″ deep Saint Cloud Granite we purchased from Hedberg.
  • Removed and cleaned the blue decorative aluminum grates.
  • Painted the wood trim with solid Stonehedge color stain.
  • Painstakingly removed the purple aluminum siding panels (which are not one large sheet after all, but many 10″ panels that interlock with each other), painted them with three light coats of custom purple Behr paint, and reinstalled the panels.
  • Created a custom cedar fence that looks MUCH more era-appropriate and stained it to match the wood trim.
  • Painted, stained and added wood trim to the garage so that it matches the rest of the house.

Enjoy the photos of our new exterior… and for those of you who are in the Twin Cities, we hope to see you on Saturday from noon to 5 p.m. at our open house to show off the rest of the updates!

The view from the street.
Mogu pine with Saint Cloud granite
The newly painted purple panels
The new look of the exterior!
Our refreshed walkway and breezeway fence (recently watered)
More shots of the new fence and house numbers
The updated garage

As a reminder, here are some photos of what the front of the house used to look like. Quite the change!