Our New Midcentury Modern-Inspired, Green-friendly Kitchen

It’s been a while since we posted, apologies! Work, life, wedding planning, a special event and a 30th birthday have all come to a head in the past month.

Despite the delay, we’re more excited than ever to share our newly-remodeled kitchen with the world!

The kitchen was inspired by a set of Mondrian cabinets that are original to the home. We worked to incorporate green elements and reused materials as it made sense.

Unlike the previous kitchen, this room is perfectly tied in to Our Care-free Home! We’ve already hosted a surprise birthday party for Whitney (complete with a cooking demonstration from a professional chef), two housewarming parties (for neighbors and friends) and a father’s day dinner!

Below are before-and-after photos and brief recap of what we did…

  1. LOWERED THE PASS-THROUGH: The previous pass-through was awkwardly high- you could see through to the family room, but it felt as though you were hiding something… We think this was intentional, as housewives in the late 1950s were supposed to be perfect in every way… which means a perfectly clean kitchen (from what guests could see) and just enough space to give the men of the home some privacy while entertaining.
  2. NEW FLOORS: Installed a new Marmoleum Sheet floor in the color “volcanic ash.” The Marmoleum extends into the pantry and beyond the kitchen into the adjoining hallway. Marmoleum is made from renewable, natural ingredients. It’s anti-static properties repel dust and dirt, making it easy to keep clean and allergen free.
  3. NEW COUNTERTOPS: Installed a new elements by Durcon Ti countertop in Infinity Ti. This is such an amazing line of countertops – and it is absolutely beautiful! Made in the USA, elements is a unique blend of post consumer recycled glass, natural minerals and resin forming a unique surface that delivers an extraordinarily tough, highly sustainable surface.  And the countertops are naturally anti-fungal and anti-bacterial, so they’re easy to maintain.
  4. UPDATED CABINETS: Instead of paying to reface the cabinets or reinstall new ones, we repurposed the cabinets we had. We color-matched enamel paint at Home Depot, so the kitchen cabinets would tie in to the Mondrian cabinets. Then we went through the painstaking process of removing, taping, sanding, priming, painting, touching up, and reinstalling the cabinets. Even though it took much longer than expected, we saved lots of money and the end result is fabulous.
  5. NEW SINK AND FAUCET: We couldn’t pass up the opportunity to incorporate a new Kohler sink and faucet into the kitchen. These high-end stainless steel items are incredibly durable, functional and aesthetically pleasing. The previous items weren’t terrible, so they’re on the “sell, donate or recycle” list.
  6. NEW APPLIANCES: The appliances we purchased with the house were functional… but ugly and rather dated. We purchased a new refridgerator, dishwasher, microwave and oven from BestBuy.com – where found fantastic deals on some mid-to-high end appliances. The delivery took a few weeks, but it was painless and worth the savings. We splurged on a Bosch dishwasher (with the open floor plan and thin walls, it was important to have a near-silent dishwasher) and a Maytag double-oven. The previous appliances were sold on Craigslist, other than the refridgerator which is now in the pantry filled with booze and other party items. We love the party ‘fridge!
  7. REPAINTED THE WALLS: No more nasty pink! Hooray!! In the future we’ll add a tiled backsplash… but for now, we’re taking a break.  🙂

Of course there are a lot of less glamorous updates that went along with the kitchen remodel… but these are the most interesting items. Enjoy!!

Here’s what the kitchen looked like before the remodel…