Painting the Master Bedroom

Prep really is the worst part of painting…

The big project in the master bedroom has been the walls.  The original grass cloth wallpaper was in very rough shape…stained, ripped and generally showing at least 50 years of wear.

Although it was an original feature of the home, we decided to remove the wallpaper and add some color to the room with paint.  Removing wallpaper is never fun, but with a careful approach we were able to get a great finished result.

Removing the grass cloth was actually fairly easily.  All we needed was a spray-bottle with warm water, a good paint scraper, a ladder and plenty of drop cloths.

Working on the edging.

Finally, once the primer was dry, we put on two coats of Behr premium interior eggshell latex paint.  It covered really well but because we used a white primer we had to do two coats.  For anyone thinking about a similar project, I’d definitely recommend having your primer tinted with about 50% of your final color…this will help disguise a lot of small “misses” with the final coat.
After all that work, we’re really happy with the final outcome.  The room looks great, but we’re already talking about having an artist do some custom paint that brings the room back to that MCM (midcentury modern) feel.

We’re also replacing the carpet, purchasing new bedroom furniture, purchasing new curtains and hardware for the sliding glass doors, and installing a pendant lamp that will hang over the bed in the middle of the room.

Stay tuned for the master bedroom reveal!

Saving money by squeezing out those rollers!
All that time-consuming taping was totally worth it! No paint on the aluminum this time around. 🙂