Testing Out Exterior Stain

Three test strips of stain cover the current rust-colored wood.

We’re staining the exterior wood a color that we feel will complement the purple aluminum siding – which we’re keeping purple (but repainting), much to many people’s surprise!

We’ve tried out three different colors, and think we’ve made a decision… but I’ll keep it a surprise for the reveal!

The stains we’re working with have completely covered the red using only one coat, without any preparation. A great sign, as we’ll be able to save a significant amount of time by skipping the bulk of the prep and getting right to staining!

There are some parts of the wood exterior that will need to be replaced, but unfortunately we’re going to have to identify those areas and replace the wood as we go. It seems as though every time we focus more on the house, we find more damage. Arg!

But taking time to enjoy the cosmetic choices we’re making does help us to get through the more frustrating projects.

Here’s a closer look at the exterior stains we’re considering. Any opinions out there?

Option 1: Gray Cloud
Option 2: Harbor Gray
Option 3: Stonehedge